4×4 Keypad with Arduino

4×4 Keypad with Arduino


Today we are going to connect the 4×4 keypad to an Arduino UNO. You can connect this to any Arduino board with 8 free digital pins. This keypad has a total of 16keys, including ABCD, Pound, and an asterisk.

Required Hardware

For this module you will need:



On your PC, Download and install the Arduino IDE from here.

  1. Go to Sketch —> Include Library —> Manage Libraries
  2. Search for Keypad library by Mark Stanley and Alexander Brevig.
  3. Install the library.

Connect your Arduino with a USB cable to your PC and upload the code to your Arduino UNO. Open up the serial monitor from tools —> serial monitor and now as soon as a key is pressed it would show up on the serial monitor. Voila! The project is now complete.

Get the code from here.

Images and Screenshots